The original skating rollski with 4 wheels was developed by crosscountry skiers and is a high-qualtity Swiss product. The gliding movement imitates the crosscountry ski in snow and the ideal shock absorbing qualities make the rollski very comfortable to use.

Rolec offers four types of rollskis, which differ in their rolling resistances. This allows the athlete to select the rollski adapted to his training needs.

Bjorn Daehlie: A rollski without rolling resistance, suited for long and / or steep ascents
Bjorn Daehlie P4: Two wheels per ski equipped with brakes, most similar to a fast crosscountry ski (the top-selling model)
Bjorn Daehlie P6: Three wheels per ski equipped with brakes, similar to P4, for flat terrain and easy ascents
Bjorn Daehlie P8: All wheels equipped with brakes, for flat terrain and interval training

Why four wheels?

Thanks to the four-wheel-principle, this rollski is also suited for rough surfaced and dirty roads, and has an absolutely straight line (on track stability).

The weight is evenly distributed on four wheels, this reduces the wear of the wheels, guarantees a high number of kilometers (up to 2'000 km), and prevents the skis from sliding sideways!

Wipe only with a damp cloth. Do not use spray or oil!

Binding types:
For Rottafella / Rossignol / Fischer / Alpina / Madshus

For Salomon / Atomic / Adidas / Hartjes / Oneway / TecnoPro

These Salomon shoe types need another binding rubber. Red rubbers can be shortened by 1 or 2 rings by means of a knife (see picture)

All rollskis are available from stock!

Testskis can be requested for free directly at the manufacturer (Switzerland only). Second-hand rollskis on request.

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